Through decades of serving its valuable customers, EPCL has maintained its position as a dependable employer and corporate citizen – not once compromising on guaranteeing a delivery of excellence in all areas of its mandate. It has attained a considerable level of credibility in terms of the previously mentioned areas and continues to strive for excellence.

Best Corporate Report Awards 2012

EPCL has been nominated for this award for 3 consecutive years. In 2011 the Company achieved second position, whereas in 2012 it achieved fourth position at the ICAP-ICMAP Best Corporate Award ceremonies for reporting on the Company’s sustainability and financial results of the past. The Assessment Committee for the Annual Report was directed by Chairman FCA and FCMA and was judged based on a satisfactory establishment of clearly stated corporate goals.

The decisive factor for the award was the transparent disclosure of information concerning stakeholders, financials, Directors’ Report and corporate governance.

UN Global Compact

The Company formally signed the UNGC in 2010 to partake in the initiative. This meant that EPCL had officially committed itself to follow the ten values stated in the Compact. EPCL entered this contract in order to achieve the highly esteemed worldwide standard of sustainable and socially responsible policies under the umbrella of the UNGC Global Compact. The Company partook in the UNGC Master Training Program as one of the principal participants amidst the chosen 20 candidates for the US ESCAPE PROGRAM held in March 2011. Moreover, the Company reported its First Communication on Progress in 2012 from the time when it had become a signatory of the UNGC. EPCL makes an effort to work within a principle-based structure with the UNGC that unites the hard work of other UN agencies, civil societies and local labor groups to oppose human rights abuses, deterioration of the environment and corporate dishonesty.