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PVC (Poly-Vinyl-Chloride)

PVC suspension resin is the primary product of Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. Produced in a wide range of K-values: AU 58, AU 60, AU 72, AU 67R and AU 67S, it is used in the manufacture of varied PVC based products. The different grades of resin offer a diverse range of properties that can be used in all the processing methods.

It is produced by the polymerization of ethylene (a petrochemical) and chlorine, obtained from the electrolysis of common salt. PVC is the oldest and the most versatile of all polymers, is resistant to corrosion, weathering, impact and scratches, and acts as a superb electrical insulator. Cheaper than other plastics, it offers value at affordable cost, and is therefore one of the most widely used plastic materials in the world.

In the domestic market of PVC, resin is mainly used to manufacture PVC pipes. Approximately 55% of the resin consumption is in this sector alone. Other sectors include artificial leather, shoes, rigid and soft sheets, garden hose, windows and doors etc. PVC domestic sales volume has steadily been increasing at the rate of 5% per annum.

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