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    health, safety & environment

    Health, safety, and environment are core values at Engro Polymer and Chemicals ltd. that define not only our culture but also every aspect of our operations. We ensure safe operations of our manufacturing site in a manner that our employees, neighboring communities, plant equipment and the environment are not endangered. This commitment requires a systematic identification of potential safety hazards and taking necessary precautions so that the risks from these hazards could be minimized.

    With on-site industrial hygienist, paramedics, and physicians, we strive to keep our workforce and facilities secure in this ever-changing environment to spot problems of tomorrow by advising operating sites and project teams on upcoming challenges. The Company strongly believes in its ‘Health Safety & Environment (HSE)’ philosophy and is committed to integrate an efficient and timely risk management system with its plant design, construction, maintenance, and operation of facilities.

    occupational health & industrial hygiene

    Employee health and the total well-being of our workforce is a top priority. Our mission remains to improve the health, well-being, and productivity of employees by creating a work environment that actively and consistently promotes and supports healthy behaviors in all aspects of life.

    We are specialized in on-site wellbeing and have a health group that ensures our workforce is evaluated on periodic health assessment to identify the risks that can potentially affect our employees.

    compliance with psm standards

    EPCL is aligned with Dupont’s on process safety management systems, hence our products are overseen by their process safety information (PSI-package) to capture the safe handling, storage, and transport to end users. We use process hazard analysis (PHA), which is a foundation for managing risk and achieve excellence in performance. Moreover, our safety team is specialized in personnel safety, process safety/risk, operations integrity, and emergency preparedness and response. They are consistently planning for key positions, maintain curriculum, and analyze competency to ensure critical skills stay up to date.

    emergency preparedness

    Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. has devised emergency plans in case of release of hazardous chemicals, in which it runs surprise drills and simulation exercises to ensure preparedness.

    Being a safety-conscious organization, it has always encouraged a responsible attitude amongst the employees to safeguard the community and environment.


    EPCL aims to prevent the uncontrolled release of hazardous substances to avoid any health incidents, environmental impacts and/or property damage. Through our process safety efforts, we employ rigorous design, construction, and operating standards at our facilities.

    To achieve the intended outcomes, EPCL is aligned with ISO14001 (integrated organization for standardization). By affiliating with international standards, we manage environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

    The intended outcome of environment management system includes:

    • Enhancement of environment performance
    • Fulfilment of compliance obligations
    • Achievement of environment objects

    We use quality-assurance processes ISO 9001 to verify that materials meet design and construction specifications so that our operations are not potentially damaging the environment. We ensure that our products align with national and international regulations, standards, and guidelines, including:

    • Integrated management system ISO-14001, ISO-9001, OSHAS 450001
    • Environment protection act 2014.
    • Hazardous Substances Rules 2014.
    • Sindh Environmental Protection Agency Review of IEE/EIA Regulations 2014.
    • Sindh Environmental Quality Standards (SEQS) 2016.