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    shareholder information

    Engro Polymer & Chemicals is a publicly listed company that is traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange under the symbol “EPCL”. Please visit the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) website for further details at



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    Public limited company

    free float

    the latest free float statements for company are available on the
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    shares registrar

    FAMCO Associates (Private) Limited
    [formerly Ferguson Associates (Private) Limited]

    12th Floor, Ocean Tower, G-3, Scheme No. 5,
    Main Clifton Road, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi Pakistan.

    Tel: (92-21) 34380101-5
    Fax: (92-21) 34380106

    financial reports

    As a publicly listed company, Engro Polymer & Chemicals submits comprehensive financial statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). These statements include the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flow, and statement of retained earnings. Please click on the links below to access the Annual Financial Reports for Engro Polymer & Chemicals.

    sustainability reports

    The sustainability report is a concise and consolidated communication about how engro polymer strategy, governance, performance and prospects lead to the creation of value over a period of time.

    2016 Sustainability Report

    2013 Sustainability Report

    2012 Sustainability Report

    2011 Sustainability Report

    secp investor complaint

    DISCLAIMER: In case your complaint has not been properly redressed by us, you may lodge your complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the “SECP”). However, please note that SECP will entertain only those complaints which were at first directly requested to be redressed by the Company and the company has failed to redress the same. Further, the complaints that are not relevant to SECP’s regulatory domain/competence shall not be entertained.