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    corporate social responsibility

    Our CSR strategy focuses on education, healthcare, environment, water conservation and community involvement in line with its core values to build its image as a “leader in Environmental Conservation & Sustainable Business Development, which operates responsibly and supports the communities in which it operates”.

    EPCL is constantly in contact with NGO’s like WWF, IUCN for its efforts in environmental projects like CO2 offset, mangroves plantation, coastal rehabilitation etc. EPCL has already taken WWF’s Green Office Program for Head office and for Plant Site as well. EPCL is also working with IUCN in their MFF program for protection of coastal habitats by improving industrial waste water quality (in this regard proposal has been submitted to IUCN). In order to improve awareness environment related literature was shared with EPCL and Contractor employees on Environment and Earth Day.

    EPCL’s vision of providing a safe, healthy and educated environment goes beyond its closed doors, it is deep seated into the will of making a difference and empowering communities that are largely ignored by the city, communities that go unheard and communities that lack basic human rights. The belief of developing Ghaggar Pathak to an extent that it becomes a model village for even the government to take inspiration from and pursue, is not an easy goal, it is long-term and will come with its challenges. Nonetheless, it is a goal that EPCL is keen on achieving and will not back down till the entire community of Ghaggar Pathak is empowered and has access to a life that is not in constant danger of health, education and safety.

    Hence, we have launched several programs to benefit the local community:
    • Solar Lights illumination project at Ghaghar Phatak
    • Community park & Mosque
    • Water Filtration Plants in Ghaggar Pathak
    • Blood Donation campaigns
    • Winter Clothes Distribution
    • 2 TCF Schools for Ghaggar Pathak resident
    • 2 More TCF Schools in the building process
    • Sina Clinic

    community & social development programs

    The company has various diversified programs in place and is on its way to create visible social impact on communities within which it operates. It invests in programs that address the environmental and social challenges faced by its business, thus mitigating impact of its operations through taking these initiatives. It also focuses on the element of sustainable business development and that is what is most visible in its key social investments.

    responsible citizenship & csr activities

    With a well-crafted CSR strategy, EPCL has heavily focused its efforts towards uplifting the standard of living in Ghaggar Pathak, a community close to the Port Qasim Plant. In 2019, the company undertook several initiatives worth for the development of the underprivileged.


    making an impact through education in collaboration with tcf

    EPCL built and funded a primary school unit on a land of approximately 1 acre in Haji Jangi Khan Goth in 2015. The school caters to a total of 350 students through the morning and afternoon shift. But, the vision of providing quality education on part of EPCL does not end here, currently two new schools being built, at Hammer Goth and Ibrahim Goth, at the cost of Rs. 25 million each which will cater to another 320 students. The campuses are expected to be completed by the end of this year. EPCL also financed the operational costs of Rs. 8.73 million of the afternoon shifts for three academic years 2018-2021, of the TCF Austin Campus situated in Haji Jangi Khan Gotth. These schools have been successful in keeping several children off the streets, inculcating a sense of civic responsibility in them, and most importantly, in providing quality education and developing a thirst for knowledge.

    Additionally, we also started another shift at the TCF Austin Campus school with a capacity of more than 180 students.


    free healthcare in partnership with sina

    In order to provide for healthcare facilities EPCL, in partnership with SINA, constructed a hospital at the cost of Rs. 15.7 million in the heart of Ghagghar Phattak area. The clinic provides multiple services free of cost such as consultation, OPD, ultra-sound, vaccination, lab testing, and even free medication. In addition to these services, there is a Community Engagement Team in place which goes door to door to nearby villages to educate people of the availability of free healthcare at the SINA Clinic and there exist on-going medical camps that aid people in getting regulatory checkups and encourages the residents to come forward with their concern for example, this past month EPCL organized a medical eye-camp where POB doctors examines 151 patients in total and followed up accordingly for further checkups. The Sina hospital has a daily round of 125-150 patients and all those patients who have so far received medical assistance and treatment at the clinic are not only content but are more than thankful to EPCL for providing them with a fully equipped healthcare unit.

    water purification plant in partnership with the water foundation

    A major health hazard which EPCL addressed, was the absence of clean and safe drinking water for the residents of the Ghagghar Phattak community. Most of these communities received water through the public water supply system, which was not only irregular and scarce in supply, but also extremely contaminated with life threatening microbial bacteria including e-coli and fecal e-coli. The entire issue had become a major public health concern, because such waterborne diseases are responsible for a significant amount of human and economic losses; these losses include loss of millions of working hours of productivity in total, and of course, associated costs for health care. Hence, EPCL, on its mission to make Ghagghar Phattak a safe and healthy living space, installed two water filtration plants at Ghagghar Phattak and Razzakabad in partnership with The Water Foundation, and is in the process of setting up three additional water filtration plants in different villages of Ghagghar Phattak. The daily consumption of water lies between 50000-55000 liters per day. The improvement in the quality of water from the water filtration plants compared to normal tap water have not gone unnoticed and most of the residents have switched to this alternative and have consequently experienced better health conditions.

    blood donation drives

    The Company conducted blood donation drives at the EPCL head office and plant in 2017 and 2018 in collaboration with Indus Hospital. Employees participated and gave donations for this noble cause. We managed to contribute up to 100 blood donations.