stay updated about the hussain dawood pledge and join us in helping to play a humble part in combatting COVID-19 in Pakistan

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Education Support Programs

EPCL, playing its role as a socially responsible corporation, has helped communities to grow both socially and economically by developing and supporting educational infrastructure in remote areas of Razakabad and Ghaghar Phatak in Port Qasim, through its Technical Scholarship Program offering technical education and courses in English language and computers. Over the past few years, it has also supported a community school – Haji Ganji School. Subsequently, three more schools were added to the list. As improving the quality of education is the prime focus of this initiative, the Company conducted several sessions with teachers and parents to collect input for improving the quality of education in government schools in Razzakabad and Ghaghar Phatak.

EPCL’s education support initiative also includes Port Qasim Employee Scholarship Program, instituting scholarships for employee’s children in Port Qasim area, Karachi that has proven to be highly successful over the past five years.