stay updated about the hussain dawood pledge and join us in helping to play a humble part in combatting COVID-19 in Pakistan

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Flood Relief

Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd embarked on flood relief activities in far-flung areas that were significantly devastated by the floods in 2010. Special emphasis was laid on maternal health issues that aroused in the absence or total destruction of hospitals and other medical infrastructure in these areas. Expectant mothers suffering from anaemia and other severe blood disorders were provided medical attention in the areas of Qabal, the Kohistan border, Utror, Garbral, Mataltan, Minkial, Bashab and interior Swat.

EPCL donated 100 tons of Sodium Hypochlorite– one of the most commonly used water disinfectants around the world–, which was helpful in treating 350 million gallons of contaminated water. This drive by EPCL provided clear drinking and cooking water for thousands of families in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, and prevented many waterborne diseases. Hypochlorite was also used to treat slush and stagnant water and as a disinfectant spray.

Medical relief activities were set up in Nowshera, Charsadda and compounds surrounding Peshawar, some areas of Punjab, Lower Swat and Upper Swat. With a total of 55 medical relief camps set up in these areas, thousands were cured for numerous diseases, such as scabies, asthma, gastro, hypertension, skin allergies, etc.