poly vinyl chloride (PVC)

    PVC suspension resin is the primary product of Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. Produced in a variety of different grades: SABZ (AU 58, AU 60, AU 72, AU 67R and AU 67S), it is used in the manufacture of varied PVC based products. The different grades of resin offer a diverse range of properties that can be used in all the processing methods.

    PVC demand is driven by Construction, Agriculture, Packaging and Consumer Sectors products. In the domestic market PVC resin is used to manufacture rigid and soft PVC finished goods. Approximately 55% of the market share is held by PVC Pipes & Fittings segment alone, other segments include Film & Sheet, Cable Compound, Flexible hose, Shoes, Profile, Flooring and Foam Board.

    In the domestic market of PVC, resin is mainly used to manufacture PVC pipes. Approximately 55% of the resin consumption is in this sector alone. Other sectors include artificial leather, shoes, rigid and soft sheets, garden hose, windows and doors etc. PVC domestic sales volume has steadily been increasing at the rate of 5% per annum.

    • 55%

      resin consumption in Pipes & Fittings Segment

    • 60%

      demand is driven by Construction Sector

    • 5


    • 80%

      Domestic Market Share

    pvc branded outlet

    THINK PVC is a retail outlet showcasing & selling a variety of PVC downstream products as well as applications which are used in the construction industry. As a Market development initiative, the THINK PVC idea was coined to create awareness and make PVC a main-stream material of choice for construction & interior sectors amongst end consumers. This will not only enable consumers to experience different PVC products like Pipes, flooring, wall panels, cables, window profiles, doors, etc but also help them to understand the diverse range of PVC applications that exist, such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, vanities and fixtures under one roof. THINK PVC highlights the differentiating properties of PVC products such as fire retardant, termite proof, weather sustainability, waterproof, etc to persuade consumers to THINK of PVC as the preferred material of choice.


    Pakistan is not just facing the issue of reduced water availability per capita but also poor water supply & sanitation infrastructure. Since, PVC can be used for making versatile products ranging from pipes to geo-membranes; therefore, as sole manufacturer of PVC in Pakistan, EPCL wants to play an active role for improving water conservation and sanitation infrastructure of the country with PVC based interventions.
    Innovative solutions like use of PVC Geo-membranes for canal, water courses lining and installation of drip irrigation for field application of water can help in reducing water usage in agriculture sector which uses more than 90% of total water available in the country. Also, roof top rainwater harvesting by using PVC pipes can help in localized water storage and ground water re-charge. In the domain of sanitation, installation of PVC pipes can help in safe disposal of fecal waste and reduce contamination of drinking water resources. This small intervention has the potential for significantly reducing water–borne diseases in Pakistan.
    EPCL is currently partnering with various governmental non-governmental stakeholders for not just promoting above-mentioned solutions but also continuously looking for other avenues as well where PVC based products can create a positive impact in improving water conservation & sanitation infrastructure of Pakistan. MoU with Water Aid Pakistan is also one of the steps in achieving this goal.