Rabia Wafah Khan

    Chief Financial Officer

    • Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd.

    Rabia Wafah Khan is a Chartered Financial Analyst and an MBA (Finance/ MIS) from IBA. She is currently working in Engro Polymer & Chemicals as the CFO. With an extensive portfolio of being a Business and Financial Analyst, she joined Engro Chemical as a Business Analyst in 2004; after completing her stint in the Finance and Planning team, she moved to Engro Fertilizers HR as Compensation and Benefits Advisor in 2012, where she was responsible for managing EFert compensation and benefits structure during the difficult restructuring period. Initiatives taken during this time which have created lasting positive impact on EFert Employee Engagement over the years include spearheading the rollout of the Parents Medical Insurance program, along with other policy changes related to leave policies and TIV inclusion in variable pay program.

    She moved back to Finance in 2014 as Treasury Advisor, EFert. During this time, she was responsible for managing EFert cash needs during the recent urea long supply period, which simultaneously implementing balance sheet optimization of EFert’s Balance Sheet. Over the years, her key strength has emerged in product structuring where she has played a key role in EFert Dealer Credit Financing for the base business and farmer credit initiatives for agri-outreach endeavors.

    In 2019, Rabia moved to the Engro Energy vertical as CFO Engro Powergen Qadirpur (EPQL); her time at EPQL was devoted to dealing with external stakeholders including NEPRA, CPPAg and PPIB, as EPQL dealt with gas depletion and its mitigation, through the development of an alternate fuel option. She was also part of the team negotiating with the GoP committee on IPP Sector Reforms resulting in an MoU signed with the industry in mid-2020, and which was more recently converted into master agreements with the Power Purchaser in early 2021.