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    At Engro polymer & chemicals we believe that our impact goes beyond the conventional measurements of success. For us, success is when our expansion creates local job opportunities for people who once longed for a stable income and gives them a feeling of peace; success is when we reach new heights in the level of import substitution and promote local businesses, making them feel appreciated; success is when we are able to empower local communities through education and health facilities;  success is when our downstream applications spread joys in various forms and ways- all these emotions that we touch, all these emotions that exist, this is our true measure of success.

    Hence our vision to lead Pakistan in polymer and allied chemicals with an international footprint goes hand in hand with our measurement of success and we firmly believe in achieving innovative growth and creating value for our stakeholders, customers and employees along with it because this is the way we want to take Pakistan and its people forward.


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    Lead Pakistan in Polymers & Allied Chemicals with International Footprint.


    Our mission is to achieve innovative growth which creates value for our stakeholders, customers and employees. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of ethics, safety and environmental responsibility.


    Other than being the sole manufacturer of PVC resin in Pakistan, Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited (EPCL) also produces Caustic Soda, Sodium Hypochlorite, EDC and VCM. Moreover, the company is actively involved in ensuring the sustainability of the domestic PVC industry, along with providing support through provision of quality products and technical services. New markets are continuously being tapped by its Business Development team for its product applications.