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    our culture

    Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. firmly believes in creating an ideal workplace environment that is capable of motivating, developing and rewarding employees as a means of achieving success, while strictly following its regimen of Core Values.

    For EPCL, investing in its corporate family of over 550 employees by providing them opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development in a safe and healthy workplace is investing in the future of the Company.

    Striving to follow fair policies and procedures, the company respects its employees’ rights and encourages freedom of expression and open dialogue. Its commitment to provide equal opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment in accordance with all applicable laws, directives and regulations is constantly reaffirmed through its engagement in diversity and proactive inclusion.

    core values

    At Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited, its core values are the fundamental principles that guide its mission, its operations, and its decision-making. These values help shape its culture and define how it interacts with its customers, business partners and the communities in which it operates.

    diversity & inclusiveness

    Engro Polymer & Chemicals is an equal opportunity employer, and our culture and practices are constantly evolving to ensure a safe and successful working environment for everyone.

    With a continuous effort towards inclusion and growing our organization with its people, we have worked on numerous initiatives targeted for the same agenda- our aim is to attract and onboard a diverse workforce, and hence a diverse mindset which brings together talented individuals with a shared passion to succeed.

    engro polymer and chemicals brings some of the country’s smartest, most passionate people together to solve some of Pakistan’s most pressing issues via innovative solutions




    Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. values effective communication and follows a crystal-clear approach in all its practices which enhances the transparency of the reporting process. Transparency reporting with respect to environmental sustainability, education, health and other social uplift programs is carried out by the Company in line with its social responsibility focus that calls for greater honesty and loyalty towards its stakeholders, employees and customers.

    At EPCL every employee is encouraged to participate in a healthy dialogue with one another; from the top brass of the company to the lower middle management, everyone is welcomed to approach one another through opened doors whenever they feel the need to speak.

    health, safety & environment

    The Company ensures that its culture resonates to the best Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) practices by emphasizing that its employees shall maintain its prescribed HSE standards on a broader as well as personal level.


    engro family


    Employees are required to strictly follow ethical behavior. In accordance with the guidelines in the Company’s Core Values, they must conform to the ‘Statement of Ethics and Responsible Business Conduct’ in writing annually.